Anti-social behaviour complaints drop by almost a third

Bradford Road in Batley. (D526C402)
Bradford Road in Batley. (D526C402)

Neighbourhoods across Batley are winning the battle against anti-social behaviour, new figures reveal.

The number of complaints about anti-social behaviour in the town has dropped by almost a third in the last three years.

Youths drinking in a park.

Youths drinking in a park.

The figures, which were obtained via a News Freedom of Information (FOI) request, revealed police officers received 1,444 complaints in 2011.

A total of 1,009 incidents were reported last year, resulting in a 30 per cent drop.

But hot spots for crime do still remain in the town including Bradford Road, Halifax Road and Healey Lane.

The figures show the success of the Batley Neighbourhood Policing Team’s problem-solving approach, according to team coordinator Martyn Lee.

Bradford Road in Batley. (D526E402)

Bradford Road in Batley. (D526E402)

He said: “Officers look into individual complaints in detail and try and tie these in with the wider issues.

“We work with local authority and third sector partners to bring about lasting solutions, as opposed to merely putting a plaster on it.

“Common problems such as youth nuisance, neighbour disputes and alcohol-related issues are dealt with promptly and monitored closely by our officers, who are assigned to cover specific areas and take ownership.”

Mr Lee added: “At Batley we are proud of our record on tackling anti-social behaviour and this shows in the figures published for user satisfaction and confidence in local policing, where we consistently score at the top of the table.”

West Yorkshire Police say anti-social behaviour “can make an area frightening and unpleasant to live, work and relax in”.

Examples of such behaviour given by the force are youths drinking in parks, dealing or buying drugs on the street, aggressive begging, vandalism and fly-tipping rubbish.

The figures also showed the Batley East ward has seen the biggest decline in anti-social behaviour, with a total of 506 incidents last year compared with 786 in 2011.

Coun Mahmood Akhtar (Lab, Batley East) said: “We meet regularly with police at the neighbourhood management meetings and recent feedback has been good.

“A while ago we had a lot of problems in the Soothill and in the Mount Pleasant area, such as parking and youths were seen hanging around. As far as I know, we have not had any more problems like this.”

A total of 503 incidents were reported in the Batley West ward last year compared with 658 in 2011.

Coun Peter O’Neill (Lab, Batley West) said: “In Batley a number of young people had been causing problems in and around the town centre.

“We worked with the neighbourhood policing team to identify the ringleaders, who are now being placed on interventions such as acceptable behaviour contracts with exclusion zones.

The results have been very positive and reports of ASB in the area have fallen.”

Birstall has also seen a similar decline in the number of incidents reported.

Figures showed 402 incidents were reported last year compared with 603 in 2011.