Art hobby helps pensioner after stroke

Trevor Hirst and Karen Lawson at Candyman.
Trevor Hirst and Karen Lawson at Candyman.

Colouring in posters has always been a hobby for Trevor Hirst.But after suffering a stroke 20 years ago, the 76-year-old’s past time turned in therapy to help him deal with his condition.

Trevor, of Rose Court, Ravensthorpe, has completed thousands of posters which helps him cope with his limited movement, after the stroke affected the whole right side 
of his body.

He buys the posters from Candyman, in Batley Shopping Centre, and donates them back to the newsagents, who display them around the shop.

Trevor said: “I had the stroke in 1993 and it made it difficult to use my right hand. I knew I had to do something to help and I really enjoy doing the posters.”

He visits Candyman a couple of days a week to buy the latest posters, and completes around two or three a day.

Trevor has finished so many that he regularly buys old designs and experiments with new colour schemes.

After Candyman manager Karen Lawson collected so many, she began displaying them on the top shelves in the shop.

She said: “For the last 18 months Trevor has been coming to see us and one day he just brought in one of the posters.

“It all started from there. With us closing, we have had to reduce our stock and this has left many of the top shelves empty.

“We had so many posters and thought it would be a nice idea to put them around the shop. It has really brighten it up.”

Trevor is calling on others who have suffered from a stroke to take up the hobby.He said: “It has really helped me with my movement and I think other people should do it.”

Trevor is moving to Charlesworth Court, in Thornhill, this weekend and having his artwork on display has inspired him to set up an arts and crafts group.

He said: “They do a lot of activities and I hope they will take it on. At Rose Court, 
I bring a lot of posters back and a few of the other residents do them as well. We really enjoy doing them.”