BMW blues after 14 trips to Batley garage

BMW BLUES Nasser has taken his BMW back 14 times.
BMW BLUES Nasser has taken his BMW back 14 times.

A man claims his dream car has become the stuff of nightmares after 14 trips to mechanics in seven months.

Nasser Behbahani was delighted when he discovered a used grey BMW 5 Series M Sport for sale from Evans Halshaw Ford in Batley – but now says he has been left with a car he cannot drive.

He said: “I took it for a test drive and it seemed fine, then the next day I noticed the problem.”

He said the automatic car shudders violently and lurches forwards when it comes to a stop at a junction or traffic light and is left in ‘drive’.

Mr Behbahani has taken the car back to the Evans Halshaw garage in Bradford Road 14 times, and it has also been sent to the Stratstone BMW dealership in Leeds – but he has been told by the garages there is no problem and has had his complaint closed.

However, independent mechanics have diagnosed £1,000 of repairs and an AA report seen by the News says the car should only be driven to a place of repair.

The 30-year-old, of White Lee Road, Batley, is worried the BMW is not safe to drive.

Mr Behbahani, a security advisor, took out a 48-month finance plan with Barclays via Evans Halshaw to pay for the £16,000 car last July.

He has now begun a complaint to the Financial Services Ombudsman and hired a solicitor.

“I’m paying £340 per month and having to pay for taxis to and from work,” he said.

“I’m having to pay road tax and insurance, and it’s got to the point where I’ve had enough.

“All I want is my money back.”

Evans Halshaw said it was aware of the issue but declined to comment.