Proposal for new Batley supermarket draws mixed reactions

A PROPOSAL for a new supermarket in Batley town centre drew mixed reactions from residents yesterday.

Binks Development Ltd hosted a four-hour public consultation at Blakeridge Mills yesterday evening to present plans to build a supermarket and petrol station alongside residential developments at its Mayman Lane site.

Land in the mill yard, next to Cemetery Road, would be used to build the new supermarket, with an entrance on Blakeridge Lane.

While some welcomed new development and the potential for job creation, others raised concerns about traffic and the effect another supermarket would have on town centre trade.

Batley resident Richard Martin said: “It’s lovely to see the land being developed and plans for the supermarket. The worrying aspect about that is taking business away from the town centre. Does Batley need another supermarket?”

Jackie Fenton-Elliot of Blakeridge Lane, said she was concerned about increased traffic in the area but was pleased to see the land being developed.

“The mill is a wonderful building with a wonderful history and this is a way of preserving it,” she said.

However Pat Crisp, of Cross Bank Road, said Batley has enough supermarkets.

“I’m not very happy about a supermarket,” she said.

“I think we have got enough here and they are going to take more business off the main street. It could be put to different use.”

Richard Binks, of Binks Development Ltd, said there was a need for competition and said the supermarket would help link shoppers to the town centre.

“We think people will shop here then go into the town centre, so the town as well as the supermarket gets the benefit.”

A planning application is expected to be submitted for the development shortly.