Caterer donates kit to Salvation Army

The Salvation Army, Batley. (07041002)

The Salvation Army, Batley. (07041002)

A generous caterer is donating all her supplies to the Salvation Army’s branch in Batley.

Caroline Spillane had provided the catering for a golf club for several years, but lost the contract.

“It had been really successful,” she said. “I had weddings booked until the end of next year.”

As an external supplier, 52-year-old Mrs Spillane owned all the catering equipment and food at the club in Ossett.

Husband Jeremy said: “There are two catering freezers full of food and we have nowhere to store it.”

So the couple, from Tingley, have decided to turn their misfortune into the Salvation Army’s fortune.

The donation will help the charity with the two-course meals it provides for elderly and vulnerable people at its Bradford Road premises most days.




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