Closure rumours branded “complete rubbish”

Soothill Working Men's Club
Soothill Working Men's Club

Rumours that a working men’s club might close a couple of nights each week have been branded “complete rubbish”.

The closure claims have been circulating in Batley that Soothill Working Men’s Club could reduce its opening hours, according to club treasurer Marie Copley. But she has reassured members the club remains in a 
healthy position.

Mrs Copley, who lives in Soothill, said: “Perhaps it stems from the fact that the committee has decided to close the club on Friday lunchtimes as recent business at that time did not warrant an opening.”

But that, she said, was just a small downside.

“The number of customers at that time did not warrant us opening the club for a four hour session.”

She stressed that the club’s overall financial position was very healthy and added: “Members can find out just how good 
by attending the annual 
general meeting which will be held at 8pm on Wednesday February 26.”