Community bands together to save injured goose

Wilton the goose in Wilton Park.
Wilton the goose in Wilton Park.

A goose that suffered horrific injuries after teenagers apparently ripped off its beak is now the star of its own dedicated Facebook page.

As reported in the News, the Canadian goose, named Wilton, was found by Jason Margrave and his children with the bottom part of its beak missing and its tongue hanging out in Wilton Park last week. A witness told Mr Margrave that a group of teenagers had attacked the goose.

The father caught the injured bird and took it to Ponderosa Rural Therapeutic Centre in Heckmondwike. But over the weekend the goose disappeared, only to return to Wilton Park.

Supporters have now set up a Facebook page with more than 200 members and locals have been visiting the park with broken biscuits, bread and couscous to feed Wilton.

Ponderosa farm manager Paul Stead, who took Wilton in before he fled, said he may not survive if left to fend for himself.

Mr Stead said: “When it came to us, other than the beak it did not have any other injuries. It was fine and was swimming around.

“It did have trouble eating solid foods. We had been throwing bread into the water and once it had gone soggy it could eat it.

“As long as people are going down to feed the geese then it should be okay.”

As the news of Wilton’s attack went viral, the charity People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals contacted primary schools in Batley about the importance of taking care of animals.

PETA spokesperson Kirsty Henderson said: “Individuals who show disregard for others are often indiscriminate about whom they harm – adults, children or animals.

“Instilling empathy in Batley’s young people is vital in order to help them grow into ethical and non-violent adults. In fact, the safety of the whole community depends on it.”