Dealer stashed drugs inside child’s car seat

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A dealer who hid drugs in a child’s car seat has been jailed.

Police found 6.56g of cannabis and 10.09g of amphetamine stashed in the car seat when they searched Dean Michael Barrowcliffe’s car on March 17, Leeds Crown Court heard.

Prosecuting, Thomas Storey said the 40-year-old told officers he had been on a family day out in Blackpool with his partner and two children and was on his way home when he was stopped.

He said he had forgotten stashing the drugs in the car seat and admitted having more of the Class B and Class A drugs at home, hidden in his fridge freezer and in his kitchen cupboards.

A police search of his home also revealed four cannabis plants with an approximate yield of 180g.

He told police he was growing the plants with a friend for personal use.

More than 67g of amphetamine was found in the fridge, and 22.5g of cannabis was found on the kitchen worktop.

A further police search of the property on April 19 revealed a further 39.11g of cannabis and 4.45g of amphetamine, along with scales and plastic bags indicative of small scale drug dealing, Mr Storey told the court.

And when Barrowcliffe answered his police bail at Dewsbury Police Station on June 26, police found a bag containing 1.25g of cannabis in his pocket.

He told police he must have left it there after smoking a joint the night before.

The court heard that Barrowcliffe, of Briarmains Road, Birstall, had been previously imprisoned for drug 
dealing, including for supplying heroin.

Mitigating, Holly Betke said he was entrenched in drug use.

She said: “It simply is a case of he can’t stop using drugs.”

Barrowcliffe pleaded guilty to possessing amphetamine with intent to supply, possessing cannabis with intent to supply, producing cannabis and possessing cannabis at a hearing at the same court on December 23.

Sentencing him to 30 months imprisonment, Judge Geoffrey Marson QC said: “Your situation is very much aggravated by your previous convictions for possession of a Class A controlled drug and cannabis with intent to supply.

“You’re likely to continue to be involved in the supply 
of drugs.”