Playgroup deemed ‘inadequate’ by inspectors

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A playgroup has been deemed inadequate by Ofsted inspectors.

Al-Noor Playgroup owner Safira Pandor has been criticised for not making all of the necessary background checks on staff to ensure they are suitable to work with children.

Inspector Anne Mackay said Mrs Pandor did not understand the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage, including documentation and progress checks when children reach two years old. However the playgroup, based in Batley Carr community centre, has complained to the government body and is demanding another inspection.

Playgroup advisor Mohammed Pandor said: “We are challenging the inspection report as we believe that there were flaws in the process. There are anomalies and inaccuracies in the report.”

The playgroup received a rating of ‘good’ after its last Ofsted inspection in May 2011. But the report following November’s inspection has called for improvements to be made.

The inspector added staff were unable to make sure the individual learning needs of children were met and were unable to provide stimulating activities that matched the children’s interests. Mrs Pandor has been told that staff background checks, children’s progress records, individual learning plans and progress reports from parents must be completed to ensure the playgroup meets the requirements of the Early Years Foundation stage.

However, the inspector praised the playgroup’s kind and caring staff and said they were good role models for the children. She added staff worked closely with both parent and professionals to provide extra support for children with additional needs.

A Kirklees spokesman for said: “We work very closely with all local nursery provision. When concerns are raised, we work with their management team to address the issues and make sure standards are improved for local children and families.

“We have visited Al-Noor and will be supporting them to make the necessary changes as a matter of urgency.”