Fresh start for pair

Gwen Sissons lost 12 stone alongside her daughter
Gwen Sissons lost 12 stone alongside her daughter

A fear of trying on dresses in the shops spurred a mother and daughter to lose 12 stone between them.

Gwen Sissons, 57, and Theresa Scaddan, 33, were too afraid to try on clothes because of their weight.

Gwen Sissons and Theresa Scaddan lost 12 stone between them.

Gwen Sissons and Theresa Scaddan lost 12 stone between them.

A year ago, the pair were shopping for New Year’s Eve outfits but lacked the confidence to try on any of the clothes they bought.

Theresa said: “We did not want to try our outfits on in the shops so we bought a selection to bring home to try on – only to find everyone was too small. They all had to go back.”

Refusing to buy a larger size, the pair resorted to wearing baggy clothing.

But the mother and daughter vowed they would not feel the same this Christmas and joined a Slimming World group at Batley Town Hall.

Consultant Lynne Asquith said the women’s initial fears that they would not be able to enjoy their favourite foods were quickly brushed aside.

She said: “By staying with the group each week, they listened to other members who shared with them new ways to cook these dishes.”

Gwen and Theresa lost 12lbs between them in their first week and were presented with their first half a stone award the following week.

Gwen said: “That gave us the belief we could do this and they were changes which could help keep the weight off.”

Theresa, who weighed 15.2 stone last year, has lost a staggering 5.5 stone. Her mum now weights 11 stone after losing 6.5 stone.

Having lost the weight, the pair, who lived in Lee Road, Dewsbury, were busy hitting the shops on Boxing Day to make the most of the sales.

Theresa said: “We have both been out shopping and trying on clothes, which last year we would have never been able to wear. We both feel fitter and happier. We are ready to embrace everything life throws at us.”