Handful of black and white TVs in use in Batley

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Black and white TVs are virtually obsolete in Batley, new figures reveal.
Just 12 black and white TV licences were issued in the town over the last year, according to TV Licensing.

It comes as the latest figures show the number of families watching non-colour TVs across the UK has dropped by 12 per cent.

Fewer than 12,000 sets are now in use across the country as demand continues to steadily decline.
There were 212,000 black and white licences issued in 2000 but now there are only 11,550.
Paul Williams from TV Licensing said: “The figures show more than 11,000 homes still watch their favourite TV shows on black and white televisions.
“We may be on the brink of losing the black and white sets to the history books, but older technology will always be replaced by new ways of watching live.”
The digital switchover and surge in TVs, laptops, tablets and smartphones being sold over Christmas is blamed for the fast-approaching death of black and white sets.

The town with the most amount of monochrome sets in West Yorkshire is Leeds with 165, followed by Bradford with 90 and Huddersfield with 52.