Batley householder’s vermin fears over Christmas bin collection

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A man fears parts of Batley could be overrun with rats and other vermin as a result of a three-week delay between grey bin collections.

Mohammed Yunus, of Batley Carr, said he is worried the gap between collections will result in household waste filling gardens and bin stores, attracting worms, rats and crows.

Grey bins in his street were emptied yesterday, and a green bin collection will take place on January 6. But his grey bin will not be emptied again until January 13.

He said: “Asian families tend to be large families so there will be a lot of rubbish.

“The Mount Pleasant area and Batley Carr will have rats and large crows in the streets.”

Mr Yunus, of Wilson Wood Street, added that the Christmas collection schedule switched the order of bin collections.

The scheduled green bin collection will be held on January 6, instead of December 30 – which he said could cause confusion among residents as to which bin needs to be put out for collection.

“They should stick to the routine with the grey bin on the 6th,” he said.

“A two-week gap is a long time but three weeks is too much.”

He said he understood the need to give bin men a break over Christmas, but called for the grey bins to be collected on January 6, instead of the green bins.

A council spokeswoman said: “In order to ensure that everyone receives a bin collection over Christmas and New Year we move the schedule forward by one week - this means that no-one will go more than three weeks without a collection.

“Any extra waste presented with the grey bins on the first collection after Christmas will also be picked up.

“These arrangements provide the least confusion for residents, allow staff to have some time off with their families and ensure that collections can get back to normal as quickly as possible.”

She added that residents can also take rubbish to recycling sites over the festive period.

Locations and opening times are available at kirklees.gov.uk/recycling.




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