Biggest war display in the north of England

Re-enactors at the Hunsworth war weekend

Re-enactors at the Hunsworth war weekend

Fields in Hunsworth will be turned into battlefields next weekend for the second annual Yorkshire Wartime Experience.

The event, from July 5-7, will be the biggest wartime event in the north of England, featuring 316 military vehicles and the country’s longest World War I trench complete with underground bunker.

Organiser Stuart Wright says with the centenary of the outbreak of the First World war just a year away, interest in the weekend is really taking off.

“There is nothing else like this from here all the way up to Scotland,” he said.

“You can read about the First World War but you can’t really imagine it properly unless you experience life in a trench. It really brings it all to life.

“It’s highly unlikely that anyone has been in a WWI trench and this is the biggest one in England, and is so realistic. It even has the wooden sides and ladders.”

Attractions will include mock battles, pyrotechnics, 1940s dancers and singers, 42 pieces of armour, 37 pieces of artillery, 51 re-enactment groups and a horse demonstration by the Lancashire Hussars.

Pick up a copy of this week’s paper – on sale now – for full details.




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