Pupils get taste for working life

St Saviour's Junior School hosted a world of work week.

St Saviour's Junior School hosted a world of work week.

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Pupils have been getting a taste of what it’s like to have a job.

St Saviour’s Junior School lined-up firms and organisations to visit the pupils to share their experiences of working life.

Job and career types included clothes and fashion design, journalism, music, science and construction.

Year three pupils focused on fashion, creating and designing their own costumes.

Youngsters from year four took on the role of journalists and interviewed school staff and a Kirklees librarian about their jobs.

Police and fire service teams also visited the school.

Headteacher Paul Morton said: “I have been really inspired by the amazing progress made from last year’s first ever world of work week.

“There has been a much greater concentration and intensity by the pupils to really drill down and learn the truth about the jobs people do, what is required to be successful at particular jobs and just what that word work means in reality.”

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