Woman begged robber not to take beloved dog

POLICE APPEAL Minni was stolen in a robbery in Birstall.

POLICE APPEAL Minni was stolen in a robbery in Birstall.

A woman has spoken of her terror when an armed robber stole her dog at knifepoint.

Claire Trunkwald was at her home in Bramwell Avenue, Birstall when a masked robber entered at around 10.35pm on Friday December 6 and forced her two-year-old French Bulldog Minni into a catbox.

She said the man, who was armed with a knife and a crow bar and wore a woolly hat with eyeholes cut out of it, snatched her four-year-old daughter’s iPad and asked her to pass him the charger in the late night robbery.

The terrified mum-of-three dialled 999 but the man held the knife to her face and told her to drop her mobile phone.

Claire pleaded with him not to take her beloved pet and told him she wasn’t worth any money, but the callous thief put her into a cat box and ran off through the front door.

“I was just crying,” she said. “I screamed to the kids to look out of the window to see what he looked like.”

Claire said she has been haunted by the image of Minni being pushed into the cat box.

“It’s not knowing where she is, not knowing how she is,” she said. “She didn’t know what was going on, her ears were right back. It’s been a week and noone has heard anything. I’m not sleeping or eating. Her face is in my head every day.”

The suspect was white, 5ft 6in, medium build and wearing a dark blue bomber jacket, dark blue jeans and a blue woolly hat with a white zig-zag design. He was also wearing white motorbike-style gloves. Anyone with any information should call DC Mark Gregory on 101.




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