A library move would be ‘outrageous’

No doubt there have been several letters arriving into your inbox regarding last week’s ‘Library Sell-Off Fears’ article.

We have realised over the years since Kirklees became the Metropolitan Council, that Batley is definitely the outpost of the Kirklees Empire but

this latest move to save money by ‘selling-off’ the Carnegie Library is bureaucratic vandalism.

Batley’s Library and the land on which it stands were given to our town, not bought by it, for the townspeople’s benefit over a hundred years ago. Do we need to regress in 2013?

The suggestion that the Library’s services could be successfully provided in the Town Hall is quite outrageous.

Not only is the building itself a tribute to Batley’s fine architect Walter Hanstock but there is a wide choice of books attractively displayed with

room to move comfortably between the shelves. This was not the case a few years ago when the library was moved across into the redundant Court Room

during building work. The children’s library hosts weekly story, rhyme and craft sessions for pre-school children and the I.T. room is well used.

Upstairs there is a valuable Reference Library and a superb Art Gallery which hosts displays - now doesn’t that say something about its worth?

It will be interesting to note if there is any feedback from our worthy councillors.

Val & Gordon Asquith

(Members at Batley Library since the 1940s)