Drop-in is lifeline during cuts – Editor’s comment

Cuts, cuts and more cuts.

They’re in the news almost every day.

For some, a cut here and there, coupled with inflation, has the purse strings getting increasingly tighter.

But what of those who barely had purse strings to start with? What are they to do?

It’s lucky, then, that they have somewhere to turn to.

Batley Drop-In has been running for some time now, but never before has it seen such an increase of numbers which is mostly down to the large number of people who now find themselves struggling.

Carol Darbyshire, who set up the drop-in at the end of 2010, has been able to secure donations and food gifts from local organisations, ensuring that as more people become needy, they are not forced to go without.

As well as a warm shelter and a hot meal twice a week, people attending the drop-in can now also get a hair cut and a make-over, which could end up helping them secure a new job.

For others, it offers a friendly chat and a chance to get active thanks to a new games Wii console.

With more cuts on the cards into next year, the drop-in and those who support it have become saviours to those who use it, with more visitors anticipated in the near future.