Trimming the council budget

Over the last few weeks Kirklees Council has either made cuts to the services it provides or has raised the council tax.

The normal members of the public have had to bear the brunt of these cuts or even jobs have been lost.

Can I suggest another way to save money in the council budget?

I have been looking at the make up of the council and find we have 23 wards in Kirklees with three councillors representing each ward.

Maybe it would be a good idea to cut the number of councillors to two each ward, saving an overall budget of a minimum of £23,000 a year in allowances, and then there is the extra saving of any special allowances they get. I work out that it should amount to a minimum saving of about £250,000 a year that could go to keeping some services going.

I don’t think that the councillors would back such a common sense idea, but what does the average person in the street think?
I think it is a good idea.


Wesley Close