Dewsbury group launches cash lottery scheme

Dewsbury has launched its own local cash lottery as part of fundraising efforts to support community events in the town.

Monday, 27th July 2020, 4:44 pm
Updated Monday, 27th July 2020, 4:47 pm

The Dewsbury Partnership community group launched the Dewsbury Lottery this week to raise funds for popular events which bring people together starting with the Christmas lights switch on and other seasonal events.

The lottery is operated by Giant Cash Bonanza Society that supports many charities and non profit groups like The Dewsbury Partnership.

Bruce Bird, Chairman of the Dewsbury Partnership, said: “We learned many lessons from the Christmas Lights event last year, which was our first effort at organising a community event.

Bruce Bird, Chairman of the Dewsbury Partnership

"It was a close run thing whether we could raise the money in time. So the most important lesson we learned was the need to generate our own income.

“Despite the tremendous support we received from the council, it's clear we need to be able to stand on our own two feet financially to continue supporting future events.

"There’s no point in saying that somebody else should pay for our entertainment. So the Dewsbury Lottery is just the first of a number of fundraising strategies we're launching.

“The £10,000 annual Lottery Jackpot to be held each March is the big draw as well as £1,600 of prizes every week, but the great thing about this fund-raising lottery is that subscribers will know the majority of their ticket price is actually coming back to us to support the community in the town.

Dewsbury group launches cash lottery scheme

“We're also developing a way for those who might regard it as gambling to be able to contribute directly.

“In addition, we're aiming to have Dewsbury branded merchandise on sale shortly with products supplied by local companies.

"Dewsbury artist, Malcolm East, is partnering with the group to produce a calendar featuring his paintings for 2021. All profits will go to the community group to support local events.

“These are all long term efforts and we will be back to short term crowdfunding very soon to raise funds for specific events like the Christmas Lights 2020.”

Dewsbury group launches cash lottery scheme

Winners are published online every week and the Society is regulated by the Gambling Commission 28662.

The Dewsbury Partnership was formed as a community group in 2016 to help regenerate Dewsbury by focusing on the people who live and work here and by cooperating with other stakeholders in the future of the town.

The Dewsbury Lottery is available online at and a hard copy application form can be downloaded from the same address.