The best value EVs and hybrids on sale right now

The best value EVs and hybrids on sale right now
The best value EVs and hybrids on sale right now

Not that long ago, prospective car buyers looking for an electric car were fairly poorly served.

You could basically have a Nissan Leaf or a Tesla Model S. However, the market is rapidly changing and 2019 has seen an explosion in newly released and soon-to-be-launched EVs from a host of mainstream and premium brands.

It’s great news for buyers looking to make the switch to EVs but means it can be harder to choose the right car.

Prices for EVs range from just under £22,000 for a Renault Zoe (before the government grant) to £100,000 for a Tesla Model X but there are other things to consider as well, including range and charging speeds.

To further complicate things, for drivers unsure whether an EV is right for them there are plenty of hybrid models also competing for their attention.

Tesla Model 3
The new Tesla Model 3 came third in the ranking (Photo: Tesla)

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To promote a new interactive comparison tool, Select Car Leasing has come up with a list of the best value EVs and hybrids under £40,000.

According to its data, the Kia e-Niro 64kWh is the best value EV on the market right now, followed by the Hyundai Kona Electric 64kWh, which shares the same drivetrain, and the recently launched Tesla Model 3.

The top five best value models were worked out by comparing their range with the purchase price and how reviewers rated each model.

The 64kWh e-Niro’s official range of 245 miles on a charge, along with a list price of £32,995 and a review rating of 95 per cent put it clearly ahead of the other models.

best value EVs
Data: Select Car Leasing

Hyundai topped the list for best value hybrid with its Ioniq plug-in, although the table was dominated by sister brand Kia, which had three cars in the top five.

best value hyrbids
Data: Select Car Leasing

If money’s no object but you’re still looking to make your money go further, the research also came up with the best value EVs up to £100,000.

Topping that rich list are two Teslas, the £46,340 Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor and the £78,050 Model S Long Range. The relatively cheap Kia e-Niro 64kWh, also made it onto this list in third, ahead of the £60,995 Jaguar I-Pace and £92,650 Tesla Model S Performance.

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