Batley trainee nurse's baptism of fire on coronavirus ward

The family of a Batley nurse in training have commended her efforts after she was ‘thrown into the deep end’ working with coronavirus (Covid-19) patients.

Wednesday, 6th May 2020, 12:00 pm
Updated Wednesday, 6th May 2020, 12:00 pm

Mum-of-two Kelly Holt, 33, is in the early stages of her nurse training at Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield, but has recently been working on an Intensive Care Unit, monitoring ill patients suffering with Covid-19.

Her younger sibling Hayley Holt, 31, said she is extremely proud of her sister, who has worked hard to find a rewarding job after leaving school with a lack of qualifications.

She said: “All our family are so proud of Kelly and what she’s achieved so far.

Kelly Holt pictured in her PPE during a shift at Pinderfields Hospital

“But we’re very scared of the real possibility she could contract the virus.

“It’s worrying because Pinderfields is a hotbed for coronavirus, according to Kelly.”

After growing up in Howden Clough and finishing school, Kelly started working at Dewsbury and District Hospital as a cleaner.

Over a year ago, she started a nurse-training programme, which her sister said she has been focusing on ever since.

Ms Holt with her partner Matthew Brown

“After she started this nurse training, it’s been her main focus - she loves it,” said Ms Holt.

“But all she wants to do is help people and she’s doing a lot of long shifts, which does seem to be taking its toll emotionally and physically.

“It’s like she’s been thrown into the deep end, because afterall she’s only a trainee.

“A lot of the patients are on end-of-life care too, so a lot have not will not make it.

“However, she sees it as part of her job and doesn’t feel forced to do anything she’s not comfortable with by any means.”

Going forward Kelly said she is looking forward to spending time with her two children and husband Matthew Brown.

Pinderfields Hospital is one of three sites under the Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust, also running Pontefract Hospital and Dewsbury Hospital.

The Wakefield hospital, which is being used as a coronavirus treatment central point, was recently hit hard after the high-profile death of Dr Nasir Khan, from Bolton, who died on April 29 after contracting coronavirus.

The Trust revealed last week more than 300 coronavirus patients have been discharged.