Karen Wright: Enjoying all things Yorkshire... including this Yorkshire Tea Loaf

Last Sunday I was on stage at the Yorkshire Dales Festival of Food and Drink at Skipton.

Friday, 30th July 2021, 4:45 pm
Yorkshire Tea Loaf - one slice is never enough!

It’s the first live demo I have done since our Rhubarb Festival in 2020.

I had a really good afternoon, starting with a beautiful drive up to Skipton. After being confined to barracks all this time, it is easy to forget just how wonderful our own county is.

The landscape was breathtaking and we enjoyed a sunny afternoon. Weather-wise it was just perfect!

As it happens it is Yorkshire Day this weekend on August 1. We have such bountiful produce and traditional recipes in Yorkshire it is quite difficult to choose a favourite.

Recently I gifted a hamper to someone. It was packed full of traditional bakes, all made by my own fair hands. There was quiche, bread, mini pork-pies, picnic pie and Yorkshire Tea Loaf.

Yorkshire Tea Loaf is like a cross between cake and bread. It keeps very well and is best served with butter and a wedge of Wensleydale cheese.

The dried fruit needs to be soaked overnight in a strong brew of Yorkshire Tea. The fruit absorbs the tea and becomes very plump and juicy.

This loaf is fat-free as it doesn’t have butter or margarine in the mix. Mind you, I can’t recommend it as something to eat if you are watching the calories as it’s so delicious one slice is never enough!

I wonder what your best Yorkshire recipes are? Yorkshire puddings have to be high on the list. Let’s face it, the clue is in the name ... Yorkshire!

Yorkshire Day falls on a Sunday this weekend, so, enjoy our county day and whatever you choose to do, I hope you have a fabulous time.

Next week I will be reporting from another great county ... Devon! Cream tea, anyone?

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