Nostalgia with Margaret Watson: Views roll back the years

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Making new year’s resolutions is my first priority on the morning of January 1st - but I’m afraid breaking them is usually my first priority on January 2nd.

However, this year I promised myself that I would try to make amends during 2015 to some readers who I think I neglect in this column.

The people of Mirfield, for instance, don’t get much of a say in what I write about, but that is mainly because I don’t get many people sending me Mirfield memories and photographs.

Thankfully, some time ago, a Mirfield lady did send me some photographs and I hope to use them during the year, but I would still like to hear of some Mirfield stories and history to go with them.

I also intend to use a few more maps and views (starting this week) , particularly for those readers who do not find them too technical, as I’m afraid I do, like goods yards, transport systems and industry.

Some of these photographs may lack the human touch, but they do make people sit up and take notice,and as one doctor told me recently, pictures like these are as good as crosswords in keeping the old brain cells functioning.

So, this week, I’m not writing much, just showing visual images of the town as it used to be, and also a street map of The Flatts, which may please those who like looking at the streets where they once lived.

I don’t know much about what is on the other photographs, but I do the one of The Flatts because I lived there for some years, and can easily recognise the street where I lived – Woodbine Street.

The other day, I was sitting next to a gentlemen from Dewsbury who could remember the days when there were eight railway stations in Dewsbury and surrounding villages, including two in Batley Carr.

I am not naming them, but will leave it to readers to exercise their brain cells and try and recall them by themselves. No prizes for those who get them right, I’m afraid.

If you wish to contact me with memories or photographs, please email me via or ring the Reporter Series newsdesk on 01924 468282.