The Wright side of life: Easy to make European cuisine

Karen's bratwurst sausages, cooked with a honey'and mustard drizzle
Karen's bratwurst sausages, cooked with a honey'and mustard drizzle

Karen Wright writes: Here I sit, still in a caravan but this time I am getting nearer to home, we are only down the road at Clumber Park

Over the years I have had lots of people tell me that it makes a grand day out here at the park, but it always seemed too close for a run out, so we never came. We missed a gem, when our girls were young, they would have loved it, so much space to run around or ride your bike. We arrived here yesterday after leaving Kent last week and heading up to Cromer on the North Norfolk coast.

Karen's enormous frittata

Karen's enormous frittata

I hadn’t been to Norfolk since I was a child and to be frank, I remember a miserable grey holiday, wet and windy. Not this time. We were blessed, as we all have been this last week with some lovely warm sunshine. So much so that I ventured into the outdoor swimming pool at Seacroft, the Caravan and Motorhome Club site at Cromer twice. It was quite deserted apart from the young lifeguard who only had me to keep his beady eye upon.

We had a full day out using both steam and sails. Well I am embroidering the facts a little there, we went on a mini steam train, a 45 minute journey to Wroxham where we had a couple of hours sailing around The Broads powered by something other than sails. It was so beautiful, we got up close and personal with some very swanky looking thatched houses at the waters edge and some wildlife too, herons, cormorants and several gaggles ofgGeese.

We had the obligatory bag of fish and chips as we sauntered back to catch the little train home again and my thoughts turned to food shopping. I am currently trying out recipes that are easy to make when you are in a caravan or motorhome or even a tent. So, each evening last week I was taking my inspiration from other countries. I started out in Spain/France with Basque chicken. The Basque area is where France meets Spain just down a bit from Biarritz. They grow lots and lots of red chillies and these are a feature of the cuisine. So, it was chicken cooked with white wine, tomatoes, chorizo, red peppers and chilli. Next day I did something similar called piperade, without the chicken but with eggs cooked in the tomato sauce with some butter beans and olives. I left Spain behind and moved over to Germany where I made some bratwurst sausages, cooked with a honey and mustard drizzle, they were great. I had a couple of sausages left over so I did a clear out of the fridge and made one enormous frittata, basically a huge omelette with all sorts in it. This is what I did:

In a large heavy fry pan sauté these things in some olive oil -

Sliced red onion

Sliced mushrooms

Sliced cooked baby potatoes

Sliced up sausages or chorizo

Halved cherry tomatoes

Cooked French beans

Beat eight eggs together with salt pepper and smoked paprika.

Scatter grated cheese over the sauté vegetables then pour over the eggs

Cook on a low heat until the eggs start to set around the edge

Place in the oven or under a moderate grill for a few minutes to set the top

This provides two big servings or four moderate ones.

I have been planning this week’s radio show while I have been away, and I have worked in some Norfolk chit chat and some songs based around dairy products. Why dairy? Good question. This weeks GBBO is Dairy Week, I guess it will be all egg custards and quiche. I found plenty of songs to fit the brief so that is my Tuesday show sorted.

It is a very brief touch base back in Wakefield this week before I head off yet again at the weekend, “make hay while the sun shines” they say, well the sun is still shining so let us all make the most of it while it is here.

Same time same place next week everyone, Have a good one!

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