Aim to create a flourishing space for fun

Volunteers who have taken responsibility for a community centre are looking for new ways to see it flourish.

Friday, 16th September 2016, 10:28 am
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 1:48 pm
Ladies enjoy a game of cards during one of the centres Wednesday afternoon sessions. Picture by Mike Bettney.

A plan for a charity to officially take control of Howden Clough Community Centre from Kirklees Council was approved at a Cabinet meeting in July.

The centre in Leeds Road had fallen on hard times after a playgroup which regularly used it moved to new premises two years ago.

Now members of the Howden Clough Community Centre, which took ownership of the building, would like to see more people using it.

There are plenty of activities for people to enjoy. Picture by Mike Bettney.

Trustee Mark Griffin, 50, of Osborne Terrace, said: “The building was completely under-utilised for many years.

“There used to be a playgroup there everyday. We had this one tenant, in effect.

“Then there was this big hole.”

Although taekwondo sessions take place there in the evenings, the daytime gap meant that running the centre was becoming unsustainable.

There are plenty of activities for people to enjoy. Picture by Mike Bettney.

The issue surfaced amid council spending cuts, which means it is trying to transfer the ownsership of some of its assets to volunteers.

Though the building had been leased to the Howden Clough Community Association for many years, it recently gained status as a charitable organisation.

Chairman John Logan, John Murgatroyd and Sue Edwards have run it for many years. Now Mark and Jane Griffin, Rob Dixon and the Rev Lesley Mattacks have signed up as trustees.

They would like people with ideas to approach them to hire the centre.

One popular session which is held between 2pm-4pm on Wednesdays allows people to get together for a game of pool, cards, a cup of tea and a chat.

“We get upto about 14 people or so – if we can perhaps get it to 20 that’s probably a comfortable number,” said Mr Griffin. To hire out the centre call him on 07736416668.