“Another nail in the coffin,” as LBS closes

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A couple say the closure of the Leeds Building Society is “another nail in the coffin” for Dewsbury.

The Dewsbury branch of the society, opened in 1974, closes in November, leaving customers facing longer journeys to nearby Morley and other branches.

Julie and Stephen Charlton have been customers at the branch for around 20 years and were disappointed after receiving a letter telling them of the closure.

They are concerned at the loss of personal service and difficulties it will cause elderly customers reliant on public transport.

Mrs Charlton said:”The staff in the office have always been very helpful and friendly and I am extremely sad that Leeds have made this decision.

“This is just another nail in the coffin as far as Dewsbury is concerned.”

Morley’s branch is the nearest but is around five miles away.

Mrs Charlton added the branch would be missed. She said the staff carefully helped her through closing the account of her late father.

The couple say they will now close their accounts with the building society.

Leeds Building Society have apologised for the inconvenience caused by the decision not to renew their lease but added that public transport links were considered in reviewing branch locations.

A spokesperson said:”We remain committed to our branch network but as our members’ needs and behaviours change we have to consider a combination of factors, and in certain circumstances, take the difficult decision to close some branches.”