Batley art students stage exhibition

Batley School of Arts student held an exhibition recently.
Batley School of Arts student held an exhibition recently.

Students from the Batley School of Art have been busy holding an exhibition looking at the world through a lens.

Second year BA (Hons) Contemporary Photographic Arts students have been collaborating together to form the ‘Contemporary Culture’ exhibition.

The School of Art, part of Kirklees College, is one of the few remaining schools of its kind in the country.

Katrina Whitehead, course leader for HE photography, said: “The students have worked hard researching and questioning various aspects of Contemporary Culture.

“This has developed throughout the course which included lighting workshops, lectures and a residential visit to Hollywood, Los Angeles.

“We are especially grateful to the many visiting speakers including celebrity photographer Stuart Wood, commercial photographer and advertising director Johnny Carr, sports photographer Simon Mooney and videographer Waseem Sadiq.

“We also like to thank the British Institute of Professional Photography, for their continued support to students.

“And there must be a huge thank you also to producer, director, cinematographer and fine art photographer Paul Berriff for giving up his time to speak to students about their work and opening our show.”