Batley Business & Enterprise College GCSE results

GCSE results day for Batley Business & Enterprise College
GCSE results day for Batley Business & Enterprise College
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Batley Business & Enterprise College is celebrating an increase in the number of pupils achieving five A*-C grades, The 14 percent jump means the overall figure is now 52 percent, including English and maths. The number of A*-C passes gained by each pupil is given in brackets beside their name.

High flyers Haroon Gora and Hasan Dhorat achieved particularly high numbers of A/A* grades overall and 100 percent of the year group are going on to further education, employment or training.

“We are incredibly proud of our students, who have achieved excellent results this year and these GCSE outcomes are testament to their dedication, motivation and skill. I’d like to say really well done to everyone. GCSEs are a crucial stepping stone in education and we wish all of our students the very best of luck as they go on to college, employment or training. I firmly believe that a good school, is like a good family where everyone supports each other to be the best that they can be. We have a great family and a great school here in Batley. We are incredibly fortunate to have a fantastic group of parents who really value education and support their sons to achieve high standards,” said headteacher Sam Vickers.

Aa Ahmed 8.5(2), Aw Ahmed 8(6), E Akalwaya 9.5(8), N Akudi 8.5(7), A Ali 8 (7), W Ali 8(5), I Ashfaq 1(0), I Ashraf 10.5(10), M Aswat 9.5(9), M Ayaz 10.5 (9), H Azad 10.5(10), U Baksh 8.5(7), B Bostan 8.5(1), R Brown 9.5(8), I Chopdat 9.5(8), Z Chopdat 10.5(9), B Chunara 9.5(8), T Clarke 10.5 (10), A Daji 10.5(10), S Daji 9.5 (3), H Dhorat 10.5(10), S Farooq 9.5(9), A Ghari 9.5(5), B Gledhill 8.5(2), H Gora 10.5(10), A Hafejee 8(4),Y Hafejee 10.5(7), H Haneef 3(0), A Hashmi 8(6), A Hussain 8.5(0), Aw Hussain 9.5 (7), H Hussain 4(0), M I Hussain 9.5(7), Mo Hussain 8.5(6), N Hussain 8(2), R Hussain 9.5(7), Z Hussain 8.5(5), An Iqbal 9.5(7), Aw Iqbal 8(2), S Iqbal 8(0), M Kadia 10.5 (10), I Kadir 10.5(9), A Karani 8(3), A Karolia 4(1), S Karolia 9.5(6), B Khan 9.5(9), N Khan 9.5(6), S Khan 9.5(1), U Khan 6(0), M Kwiatkowski 5(0), A Laher 10.5(10), A Lakhi 9.5(8), L Lakner 1(0), A Liaquat 9.5(3), E Loonat 10.5(10), E Lorgat 9.5(9),M Lorgat 8.5(1), H Lunat 9.5(9), F Mahmood 9.5 (7), H Mahmood 9.5 (4), M Mahmood 3(0), U Mahmood 8(8), F Malik 8.5(5), H Momaniat 8.5(6), M Mulla 6(2), A Nadat 10.5(9), S A Naseer 7.5(2), K Otto 9.5(7), E Patel 10.5(10), F Patel 8.5(4), M Patel 10.5(10), S Patel 9.5(8), U Patel 8.5(3), S Pathan 8.5(2), E Radcliffe 8.5 (7), A Raje 10.5(10), M Raje 6(3), M H Ravat 9.5(9),M Rawat 9.5(9), J Refai 8.5(7), A Saloo 10.5(7), M Salu 9.5(8), B Santos 8(1),M Seedat 9.5(4), T Shah 8(4), B Shakoor 8.5(7), K Thomas 10.5(8), J Wardle 6(0), O Waseem 8(2), A Yaqub 7(3), S Zafran 8(5), M Zahir 9.5(7)