Birstall Cricket Club wants public’s help

Birstall Cricket Club
Birstall Cricket Club

Birstall Cricket Club is hoping to net £10,000 in funding from Aviva to help pay for an upgrade to their facilities.

The club wants to pull up their current cricket mats, roll the ground to even it out and then purchase and lay new mats.

They also want to replace their nets as they are plagued with holes and they would need to be removed to complete the ground work effectively anyway.

They have a quotation to complete the whole work for £13,000 and if they secured £10,000 from the Aviva Community Fund, have a race night and community sponsored fun run planned to raise the rest of the money to ensure work would be completed before the start of the season in April 2018.

The nets would last for more than 10 years and could potentially support up to 1,000 junior players.

The club runs four junior sides and three open age teams which include boys and girls from a variety of backgrounds from the age of five upwards to under 13’s - approximately 80-90 people.

Teams can only train twice a week because matches are played at the ground all weekend and some weekdays. However, if the nets were to be replaced, they would be able to train all the teams throughout the week and at weekends.

Their aim is to have at least one under 15’s and under 17’s team in 2018 and a girl’s team and double the numbers by 2019.

Head coach Lee Peters said: “We are proud of our club, it’s a hub for the community and everyone that supports the junior teams are volunteers who give their time for the children.

“This project will ensure that the future of junior cricket continues to grow, helps the children reach their potential and protects their safety and wellbeing.”

To vote for the project, visit

The closing date to vote is November 21.