Choc a load of that - Easter treats in store!

Emma Macdonald deep in concentration ' that's how you make the perfect easter egg!
Emma Macdonald deep in concentration ' that's how you make the perfect easter egg!

A chocolate shop in Mirfield has been celebrating a bumper year with a brand new range of products this Easter.

Sisters Emma Macdonald and Claire Grooby took over the Melting House chocolate shop in Huddersfield Road six months ago – but their feet have not yet touched the ground.

“We were going to have a special ‘opening event’ after we took over,” said Emma. “But before we knew it, we were having Christmas orders in. We’ve not had chance to say ‘hello’!”

“As we make the things that we sell, it’s not a case of just ordering more stock in – when we’re busy it is sometimes hard to keep up!”

Easter is now proving to be one of the busiest time of the year, as people look for the perfect gifts for loved ones with a sweet tooth.

And Emma believes the secret to the shop’s popularity is that they always stay one step ahead of the curve.

“We are both foodies,” she added. “So we are able to keep up with trends in this market.”

Indeed their backgrounds, with cake and cookie making businesses suggest they are knowledgable in this field, and Emma speaks with a confidence about her passion.

“At the moment, things like salted caramel are quite popular, so you have to have options for that.

“We try to make sure that we are up to date and we are also becoming quite active on social media.”

The duo have recently invested in edible ink, and understand they may be the only confectioners in the area to use it.

“It allows us to print personalised pictures for people onto their chocolate. I don’t know of any other competitors who do things like this. One thing we have found is that if you offer something a little bit different, it tends to be your most popular item.”

New items for easter include their personalised chocolate eggs, as well as fresh truffles. They also struck a deal with neighbouring Brooks Deli to supply their cakes.

The shop has garnered lots of attention from around the area, but Emma admitted its biggest fans have been those closest to home.

“Everytime I arrive home from work, my daughter always want to know what I have brought!”

“She said she wants to be a chocolate maker when she grows up, so she could well follow in my footsteps!”