Concerns over parking in Birstall town centre

In reply to Mr Akooji Badat’s letter in the Birstall News about his concerns over parking in Market Square Batley.
I would also like to put forward my and many other Birstall shoppers’ concerns about parking in Birstall town centre which I have reported in the past but I did not get a photograph and half a page in print on my concerns.

Monday, 22nd July 2013, 7:00 am

My concern, Mr Badat, is about your taxi driver colleagues parking where ever they wish in Birstall town centre, for example, in the parking spaces outside Bishop’s Bakers shop the town centre, to name but one.
On many occasions I and many other shoppers have had to look for alternative parking elsewhere, often out of the town centre.

Kirklees Council got it very wrong when they designated a taxi rank where it is situated now in the very centre of the shopping area.
The most appropriate taxi parking area would have been just above Tesco’s Express supermarket in the lay-by parking spaces,as Tesco has a car park for its customers.

As for the photograph in the Birstall News of Mr Badat showing himself double parked in Birstall’s main street is a bit rich to say the least!

Geoff Hallas,

Fieldhead Crescent