Spen police launch crackdown on anti-social behaviour

Cleckheaton Memorial Park.
Cleckheaton Memorial Park.

Dozens of disruptive youngsters have been caught and warned by police after a flood of complaints from concerned people in Cleckheaton.

Twenty nine youngsters were warned as part of a police crackdown on antisocial behaviour in the town centre.

The crackdown comes after police received a number of complaints from concerned residents last month about young people causing nuisance in streets near the bus station.

Officers had been patrolling the area throughout February after they received more than one complaint call every day at the start of the month. Martyn Lee, Neighbourhood Policing Team Coordinator, said: “We have invested considerable time and effort in recent weeks in curbing anti-social behaviour in the Cleckheaton town centre area.

“We accept that some groups of young people still attend the area and act in a disruptive manner but find that they are fewer in number and this is occurring less frequently.

Twenty nine youngsters have been warned so far, with 21 being sent caution letters.

Police referred seven youths to Kirklees Council’s Antisocial Behaviour Partnership, which works to resolve antisocial behavioural issues.

One youngster was referred to the police’s youth offending team for possession of cannabis and a motorcycle was also seizes for no insurance as part of the crackdown.

Mr Lee added: “There is still work to do and we are committed to dealing with the issue in a positive manner.

“The small minority of individuals who persist in causing nuisance must accept that it is a matter of time before they too are dealt with.”

Anyone with information about antisocial behaviour should contact police on 101.