East and west meet and learn about their different lifestyles

It was a clash of cultures designed to bring people together.

Monday, 4th March 2013, 3:00 pm
LET'S COOK Razia Qadri and Zulekha Pandor join Betty France in cooking some Puri. (D517B308)

Two community groups met at the Al-Hikmah centre in Batley last week to learn more about each other’s lifestyles.

The Indiam Muslim Welfare Society’s (IMWS) Elderly Group joined women from the Fieldhead community in Birstall for a day of henna, traditional Asian cooking and chat.

Organised and funded by the IMWS, the event was the first time the two groups had met.

HENNA ART Judy Kirkby watches Naznin Nasimulgani apply the henna. (D517D308)

Project manager Amina Bulbulia said there was a fantastic atmosphere at the Track Road centre.

She said: “It was all about talking and getting to know each other and getting a better understanding of each other’s communities.

“Everybody had a fantastic time.

She added that the groups were keen to meet again for a series of events if funding can be found.

The IMWS Elderly Group meets on Monday afternoons from 12pm-3.30pm. Call Amina Bulbia on 07787918146 or 01924 500555 for information.