East meets west for celebration

TWO world faiths came together in one celebration at Batley Girls’ High School.

Wednesday, 21st December 2011, 7:00 am

Eid and Christmas, two festivals celebrated widely at the Howden Clough school, were marked with a special event for year seven and sixth form pupils and their families.

The school’s executive head teacher, Jackie Eames, said: “Two of the great world faiths are represented in the school and it is really important, especially when there is so much negative press about inter-community relations, to point out how much Christianity and Islam have in common.”

This year’s East Meets West theme was ‘the language of faith’.

Pupils selected spiritual texts to perform, as well as a French Nativity play.

The audience was also treated to speeches by Christian and Muslim guest speakers Dr Abdul Shaikh and the Rev Paul Crabb, and a selection of carols and nazums.

Festive food for the event was biryani, samosas and pakoras followed by Yule log and mine pies.

Mrs Eames said: “What always surprises newcomers is how entirely comfortable both communities are with each other’s festival, songs and prayers.

“We believe this event is vital and satisfying since it allows us all to make meaningful connections that transcend difference and promote understanding and harmony.

“There has never been a more important time for celebrating such tolerance.”