Fire service reminder to test smoke alarms

STAY SAFE Smoke alarms should be tested every month.
STAY SAFE Smoke alarms should be tested every month.

Firefighters have urged households to test their smokes alarms and be prepared for an emergency.

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said around a quarter of homes in the county do not have a working smoke alarm.

It said that a working alarm could mean the extra few seconds required to get out of a burning house safely.

Assistant chief fire officer Dave Walton, director of service delivery, said: “With 2015 now upon us, many people are thinking about a fresh start and improving their lives, home and wellbeing.

“There is nothing more important than keeping your loved ones safe and secure.

“So if your alarm is getting past its best or your top floor is missing an alarm, make it your New Year’s resolution to fit new ones. Don’t simply fit and forget.”

A spokesman for the fire service said it was important to have smoke alarms that are lss than 10 years old, to check that they still work each month and that missing or flat batteries were often a problem.

It said households should fit smoke alarms on landings and hallways, as well as near bedrooms.

More safety advice and tips are available at West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Twitter account and Facebook page, @West_Yorks_FRS and www.facebook/westyorksfirefire.