Freya has film debut... alongside her dad

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Dewsbury-born Freya Hodgetts has landed her first acting role in new comedy ‘Up North’.

The 12-year-old, from Chickenley, will star alongside her dad Andi in the film about two neighbours, showing the “common” and “posh” extremes of life up north.

Freya has performed on stage with Ossett Youth Theatre and Wakefield’s Cathedral Academy, but it is the first time she has been in front of the camera.

She was inspired by her dad, who tried his hand at acting for the first time three years ago, after seeing an advert for extras in zombie film The Eschatrilogy: Book Of The Dead.

Proud Mr Hodgetts, who along with Freya’s mum Candice Mellor watched her record her scenes in Chesterfield on Saturday, said: “I met Dean Sills, the writer of Up North, while on set with The Eschatrilogy.

“Freya really wanted to get into acting after seeing I’d done that.

“I kept in touch with Dean and other people in the industry and had been asking him whether he knew of any opportunities coming up for young people that Freya could try out for.

“She was really excited to be offered the part. I think she thought it would be all Hollywood glamour at first which was far from the truth.

“But as soon as the cameras switched on, she was fantastic and loving it. It was definitely a proud parent moment.”

Freya plays the daughter of one of the main characters, neighbour Mick Smith, while Mr Hodgetts plays the role of Mick’s best friend.

Mr Hodgetts added: “The film is about two lots of neighbours, one posh family and one poorer family. It’s humorous and just follows their day to day life.”

“It will be another proud parent moment when it’s released, seeing us both in the same film.”

Up North, produced by Steve Call, will be released on DVD next year. Mr Sills is submitting the film to production companies in the hope it will also be run as a TV series.