Grant to Kirklees cut by £8.8m

Grant to be cut.
Grant to be cut.

Kirklees Council’s spending power will be cut by 2.5 per cent from April as part of the latest government cash deal.

It will be cut by £8.8m to £341m, which means the spend per property will be reduced by £48.31 to £1,873.18 when the government settlement is combined with all other sources of income.

It is the second biggest percentage cut amongst any of the West Yorkshire councils after Bradford. The national average is a 1.8 per cent reduction.

The Government has offered Kirklees an additional £1.6m, but only if it freezes council tax bills.

A decision will be made by councillors in February, but a two per cent rise was proposed in draft budget plans.

Around 65 per cent of the council’s cash comes from government grants, with the rest coming from council tax, business rates and other sources.