How did your MP vote on fracking suspension?

DIVISIVE ISSUE Fracking has inspired protests across the country.
DIVISIVE ISSUE Fracking has inspired protests across the country.

North Kirklees MPs were divided on a parliamentary vote to suspend shale gas fracking that was rejected by the House of Commons.

Batley and Spen MP Mike Wood (Lab) voted in favour of a moratorium, but Dewsbury MP Simon Reevell (Con) voted against.

The motion was defeated by 308 votes to 52.

Mr Reevell said: “In general terms we need energy to run our country. Everyone who turns on a kettle or a light, to industry and commerce. If we can provide our own energy then all the better.

“We are way behind in nuclear energy and we need to look and see what we can do.

“The main arguments are whether we can do it safely and if we can then it will provide cheaper bills and guarantee supply.”

Mr Wood said: “Fracking presents a very real threat to so many aspects of our lives – the risks to our environment, our homes and property and to our health.

“Stopping and taking more time to consider these implications makes far more sense than allowing companies to rush headlong into drilling whenever and wherever they please, riding roughshod over people and communities.”

During the debate ministers pledged a ban on fracking in national parks and an amendment from Labour requested 13 conditions to be met before a site would be deemed appropriate.

The possibility of a moratorium was raised by a committee of MPs concerned that the practice would damage efforts to prevent climate change.