Insight into student life at Oxford

Thornhill Academy students take a look round Oxford University.
Thornhill Academy students take a look round Oxford University.

A group of Year 10 students from Thornhill Community Academy were given the opportunity to learn about life at University in a special visit to Worcester College, Oxford.

The day began with a tour through the centre of Oxford and a visit to the grounds around the Radcliffe Camera and Bodleian Library, one of the oldest parts of the university.

The building, which was founded in 1602, houses a vast collection of rare books.

Having walked through the High Street and Corn Market the students arrived at Worcester College where they were given a presentation by the College’s Admissions and Access Officer, Charli Hopkins.

The talk introduced the students to higher education and Oxford University. Charli also spoke about what it is like to study at university and gave them advice about what they should be doing now in preparation for finding a university place in the future.

Two current students from Oxford University then gave a personal account of student life and answered questions posed by Academy students.

Following the presentation session there was a tour of various college buildings and grounds.

During the afternoon the students paid a visit to the Natural History Museum where they were able to handle various objects and discover how the museum collection supports the research work of students and academics at the university.

To complete their trip to Oxford the students had some free time to explore the city centre where they were able to visit some of the souvenir shops before returning home.

The visit was organised by Dr Laura Price as part of the Academy’s programme to encourage students to fulfil their potential and progress to higher education.