Kirklees Council candidate statements: Batley East

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We’ve invited each of the candidates hoping to represent Batley East on Kirklees Council to tell us why they deserve your vote on May 7.

Jon Robert Bloom (Liberal Democrats)

I want to be a councillor for the Batley East ward because I want to help make a real difference to the lives of local people. I will: protect council services, especially for the old and vulnerable; make sure that Batley Library stays open; work with the local police team to tackle anti-social behaviour and to help residents feel safe; persuade Kirklees Council to do more to create jobs in Batley and to set on more apprenticeships; build more affordable family homes for young Batley families; get action to improve our roads and pavements; work with any local community groups who want to improve Batley, be an active campaigner for Batley. I am committed to making Batley a better place for young and old from all our communities.

Mohammed Esmail Laher (Conservative Party)

I am very humble to be your candidate for Batley East. I have lived in the ward all my life and I promised to be an active and visible campaigner for all local people. I am married with three children. I have worked in engineering for over 25 years and am currently employed as a head of engineering. I have been a community activist for a number of years and have campaigned on numerous issues such as health and crime prevention. If elected I will continue to fight for your rights, try to prevent closure of Batley Library, to increase the funding for road repairs and to regenerate our town centre. Local issues concern us all and I particularly want to hear and listen to our younger generation who live in the ward as I believe their views are not being heard. Batley gets a poor deal from Labour-run Kirklees. I will support budgets and powers being devolved from Huddersfield to Batley. If you would like a fresh and energetic approach then I am the local candidate who is ready to serve all areas of the ward at all times. It is time for change; please help me bring that change by supporting me.

Peter Robson (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts)

No statement supplied.

Amanda Louise Stubley (Labour Party)

Local elections are about choosing the best person to represent us and our area. I use the same services as you: I care passionately about protecting our services from government cuts and will fight for better value for money for tax payers. For many years I’ve worked hard for you with my wealth of experience of our area. No other candidate has this experience and only I will work for you in our area. Our team have been campaigning to reduce crime, improve litter and rubbish removal, and for better services for families and older people. We work all year round on community safety, safer streets, road and pavement improvements, better leisure facilities, community clean ups and much more. But there is always more to do. We live in difficult times, the Conservative-led government is making the wrong choices; vital NHS services could be closed, many people who last time voted for other parties are supporting me to send a powerful message to Clegg and Cameron. I am asking for your support to keep a strong local team of councillors and give your verdict on the Con-Lib Government. This is your chance to send the government a powerful message to protect our NHS and council services. That’s why it’s important to vote Labour in both the local and general elections.

Cass Whittingham (Green Party)

Cass has experience as a councillor and chair of a parish council. Like all Greens, she supports more local decision making, including breaking up Kirklees and returning decision-making to local areas such as Batley. Greens also want to focus support for small businesses, self-employed people and co-operatives as the most effective way of creating and keeping wealth in an area. Greens want to promote our local market and have called for the laws on planning and tax to be changed to support independent retailers rather than big chains. Cass would support a new local development plan that focussed on renovating existing buildings and building on brownfield land rather than greenbelt – and looking at what type of housing is needed. Greens want more affordable housing for rent, but would look at flats and apartments – “building up” – rather than the usual rush to build on more and more space – “building out”. All towns need space for our citizens to be safe and at ease. As a mum, Cass is also keen to ensure our roads are safer. Greens would support investment in safer cycle routes away from main roads and also want to see greater use of 20mph zones in built-up areas.