Kirklees Council candidate statements: Batley West

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We’ve invited each of the candidates hoping to represent Batley West on Kirklees Council to tell us why they deserve your vote on May 7.

Susie Bell Proctor (Conservative Party)

I have four grown up children and two grandchildren. In 1989 my husband and I started a business. Over the subsequent 25 years it has become very successful and now we have both stepped back and passed it on to others to run and so find we have time to pursue other interests. My priorities for Batley West are to ensure that all our children are attending a good school and that parents have choice. In spite of the Government’s small business tax relief I still believe our business rates are too high, especially for small concerns and start-ups. This often means shops stand empty in our smaller towns. Before Kirklees Council allows building on our green spaces I think they need to demonstrate a real need for more housing and, if there is, then it should be affordable for the young. We are also in need of more housing for the elderly and new apartment blocks should all have lifts and all new developments should include several bungalows. Hopefully Batley and Spen will vote for Imtiaz Ameen and we will once again have a Conservative MP who will be our advocate in parliament and be aware of opportunities to attract investment to the area. I love to be out and about meeting new people and I am relishing the fun of the campaign trail.

Garry Mervyn Kitchin (Green Party)

I have lived in Batley West for nine years. I am married, with two children and work as a Quality Engineer. I joined the Green Party as I believe they have the answers to the challenges we face going forward. We all face a world of growing inequality, environment degradation, the short-term plundering of precious resources and insecurity. Traditional Left vs Right politics doesn’t offer any solutions. Key Green Party policies are: keeping the NHS in public hand; building affordable, high quality homes and ending the bedroom tax; creating a fairer economy, including a decent living wage of £10 per hour by 2020; removing Tuition Fees; investing in carbon-free, affordable energy to fight catastrophic global warming. My priorities for Batley West are: fighting to ensure the most vulnerable people get the support they deserve; working to improve opportunities for new local businesses and creating new jobs through regeneration; improving recycling; dealing with the issues that blight people’s daily lives – anti-social behaviour, noise and so on; lowering speed limits in built up areas where needed. Vote for strong local candidate on May 7. Vote for change. Vote Green Party.

Stephen Leach (Liberal Democrats)

I want to be a councillor for the Batley West ward because I want to help make a real difference to the lives of local people. I will: protect council services, especially for the old and vulnerable; make sure that Batley Library stays open; work with the local police team to tackle anti-social behaviour and to help residents; persuade the council to do more to create jobs in Batley and to set on more apprenticeships; try and get more affordable family homes for young Batley families; get action to improve our roads and pavements; work with any local community groups who want to improve Batley; be an active campaigner for Batley. I am committed to making Batley a better place for young and old from all our communities.

Marielle Charmaine O’Neill (Labour and Co-operative Party)

I feel honoured to have been selected as the Labour and Co­-operative Party candidate for Batley West in the Kirklees Council election on May 7. If elected, I will work hard to ensure your voice is heard on the council. I believe I am the strongest candidate to represent Batley West: I was born and raised in Batley attending St Mary’s Catholic Primary School and St John Fisher Catholic High School. As a young woman I will provide a fresh, new perspective on the council. I am passionate about getting the best for Batley. I am empathetic and have a genuine desire to help people. I will be a strong voice for Batley. I am working hard alongside local groups to help make Batley a better place to live. As your councillor I will work hard with the local Labour team to ensure everyone in Batley has a fair shot at getting ahead in life.

John Gerard Rattigan (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts)

No statement supplied.