LETTER: Farcical to stage two big events on same day

Whitcliffe Mount Sports Centre.
Whitcliffe Mount Sports Centre.

Why is it that the Whitcliffe Mount Foundation Building open day collides with the annual Cleckheaton Folk Festival?

Could this not be held at the end of June or on July 8?

It seems to me that the school and Kirklees Council is trying to use anything and everything they can to make out that people are not bothered.

By putting this alongside a huge event shows contempt and sheer understanding that nobody wants this building demolished.

The council and the school were forced into a consultation as it had not been of sufficient and satisfactory over the closure of the sports centre and the ultimate demolition of the foundation building.

They did this at the sports centre on the afternoon of December 17.

This took place at such an inconvenient time deliberately so that people could not attend and it would show that there was no interest.

This backfired as people turned up in their hundreds and if it had been at a respectable time for those who were working (it is not easy for people the week before Christmas) this could have been closer to a thousand or more.

So we have the same childish and churlish tactic been used again.

It shows the competence of Kirklees Council and the management of the school.

It is time that those in power started listening to the people.

John Ramsden, Carlton Way, Cleckheaton