LETTER: Tip plans are just rubbish!


On visiting a Kirklees Household Waste site on Bank Holiday weekend I noticed that there was a sign informing users that the facility to accept household rubble and soil was shortly to be terminated.

When I asked what we were to do in future the hiring of a skip was suggested!

The bulk disposal is a different matter, but the facility for householders to dispose of the odd bag of soil or rubble would appear to be most sensible, and the material itself the most easy to dispose of.

Whilst I understand that Kirklees Council has to make savings, this would seem the most misjudged.

What are we to do?

Put these items in with garden waste, or general waste, or salt them away in our grey bin collections?

Surely the increase in bulk in those areas and possible damage to collecting and sorting equipment would indicate an increase in operating costs, not reduction.

And there is the question of fly-tipping as well!

David Gray, Liversedge