LETTERS: Don’t they care about Mirfield?

Mirfield Town Council offices.
Mirfield Town Council offices.

The proposed cuts that could close down the Mirfield Town Council building and its attached offices is yet another short sighted measure which reflects a genuine lack of goodwill and decency from Kirklees towards the people of Mirfield.

We have a town council whose interests are for the people of Mirfield. The councillors are all volunteers and don’t get paid. The only place they meet is in the council offices where other meetings from the public domain can be held. 
For years I have enjoyed sharing a small store room in the council building in order to conduct and prepare the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal for the Mirfield area. It is a useful asset to have.
Whispers of cuts to the library, the town’s only public toilet and now the council offices leaves many of us wondering what we get from Kirkless for our council taxes.
We don’t have a dedicated sports centre, swimming baths, in fact not much in the way of public amenities at all.
Yet Mirfield is one of the largest contributers per head of population of Kirklees’ bank account. 
Mirfield is still a community with a sense of pride and spirit for the good side of society.
I often think Kirklees in all its anonimity despises our sense of communal togetherness.
Closing down the council offices will be further proof of their animosity towards Mirfield or will someone champion a new phoenix just when it’s the husting season?

Tim Wood

The Old Colonial, Mirfield