LETTERS: How long does it take to fix a barrier?

Damage to the barriers at the entrance to the car park at Dewsbury station.
Damage to the barriers at the entrance to the car park at Dewsbury station.

I noted the barrier on the Wellington Road car park in Dewsbury hadn’t been repaired since it was damaged on March 22.

The barrier was erected primarily to keep out travellers who regularly pitched up in the car park. I contacted Kirklees Highways to ask why the barrier repairs were taking so long and Paul Hawkins from Kirklees Highways responded that the contractors employed by the council had been and measured up but due to the barrier requiring new parts they would not be back on site until at least the April 24, which would be over a month since it was damaged.

Several engineers that I know have looked at the barrier and suggested the repair consists of a couple of lengths of box angle metal work and repositioning of the postm a job that should take no more than a morning to complete and all the materials are readily available from any good iron mongers and would cost less than £100.

Indeed by comparison, while excuses were being offered up for the delay the engineers at Asda in Dewsbury erected the entire steelwork for their new petrol station in less than eight hours. The contractors employed by Kirklees have been unable to put three bits of metal together in 30 days. A lamentable performance thus far and in the meantime the access remains vulnerable and already travellers have descended on the site. Were now just waiting for the next lot to arrive and pitch up so Kirklees Council can waste another chunk of our council taxes by removing them through the courts and clearing up after them.

Just a further example of how Kirklees Council treats Dewsbury as its poor undesirable relative.

Ash Milnes

Dickinson Gardens, Dewsbury