LETTERS: Whitcliffe loss is such a shame.

Whitcliffe Mount School. (D513A402)
Whitcliffe Mount School. (D513A402)

It would be such a shame to knock down the beautiful facade of Whitcliffe Mount School.

Whitcliffe Road would be lost without this historical building that looks over West End Park. 
Cleckheaton seems to be losing so many of its treasures, such as Prospect Mill and the threatened library with its amazing interior and facilities. 
There is such a community spirit in the Whitcliffe Mount area with many people regularly using the sports centre and library. 
The car park at the sports centre is always full which shows its popularity. 
Mirfield Sports Centre was updated for school and public use so why can’t Cleckheaton do the same?
Desperately hoping the council will consider their motives.

Claire Moody

Mount View Court,