From life support to taking on the big 10k - Batley man Ismail ready for Dewsbury's big race

A man who was within a day of having his life support switched off a decade ago will take his latest steps to recovery in the Dewsbury 10k race.

Tuesday, 30th January 2018, 10:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 30th January 2018, 10:05 am
Ismail Patel is competing in the Dewsbury 10k race this weekend
Ismail Patel is competing in the Dewsbury 10k race this weekend

On Sunday, February 4, Ismail Patel will walk the race this Sunday, February 4, continuing rehabilitation from an arteriovenous malformation on the brain, a very rare and life-threatening condition in a young man.

Ismail says: “I recovered within three months but was advised at the age of 23 I was too young for them operate on, that it ould happen again in the near future and could cause me death. In June 2009, a heatwave summer, one morning at home I fell into a coma from which, my family told me, I was rushed to the Leeds General Infirmary where I was in a coma for two and half weeks.”

Doctors operated on Ismail’s brain and performed a tracheatomy, but the situation reached a point where doctors could do no more and were going to remove his life support.

“My sister had argued with them and they had decided to give me another day or two. Lucky for me I woke the day they were about to pull the plug on me, coming round from a coma not knowing what had happened to me or where I was.

“The doctor explained to me what had happened, and I was told I would never walk talk or remember anything. I smiled at him. A few days later my family and friends started asking me questions like what my name was and so on, and I told them everything, even to where I had gone and eaten the night before I fell into a coma. They all had a sigh of relief, I was talking and memory was fine - but the downside was I could not feel a thing on my left side nor move anything,” said Ismail.

With great care from nurses at Leeds General Infirmary, after a month they had decided to him to Pinderfields for rehabilitation - a tough and tiring schedule after which, three months on, Ismail learned to start walking again.

“I was discharged home where I had rehab nurses from the Eddercliffe Centre in Cleckheaton coming to look after me andI attended the centre for rehabilitation after care. They saw I was courageous and did not want to give up.

“They asked me what I would like help with I had said ‘get back into the gym and get back to work.’ So with the help of the physio and occupational therapists I had taken my first step to get stronger. I joined Batley Baths within eight months of discharge from hospital, joined the gym and got back to work with my previous employer. I started going to Dewsbury sports centre as I heard they had much better facilities and it was the best move I had made.

“I met really good people who helped me and drive me to fulfil my goals, The ‘Jacuzzi Crew’ are old and young friends, a mixed race group of lads who in 2017 motivated me to do the Dewsbury 10k.”

Ismail, who still cannot move part of his left side, began training from November 2017, walking outdoors for three to five miles every two days - and he is ready for the challenge, he says.

“I feel amazing - I have a lot of support from members and staff at the gym and a big thank you goes out to Keith Halliwell who was the guy who inspired me to do the Dewsbury 10k.

“I’d never thought I’d be walking outdoors with such fun especially going out in rain and minus temperature conditions,” said Ismail.