M-Fest prices slashed in half

PRICE CUT M-Fest organiser Donal O'Driscoll has halved ticket prices.
PRICE CUT M-Fest organiser Donal O'Driscoll has halved ticket prices.

Ticket prices for the second Mirfield Music Festival have been slashed in a bid to encourage further sales.

M-Fest organiser Donal O’Driscoll last week warned that the show was in danger of not going ahead as proposed on June 20-21, due to difficulties financing the event without sufficient ticket sales.

The inaugural M-Fest in 2014 received largely positive feedback from those who attended, despite inclement weather on the day.

In a bid to ensure a second successful show and attract more visitors, Mr O’Driscoll has reduced the cost of both weekend and one-day tickets.

The cost of a weekend ticket now stands at £10, with a pass to attend on either Saturday or Sunday reduced to £7. Admission for under 15s is free.

Mr O’Driscoll said: “We initially set the Early Bird prices at £20 for the weekend and £13 for the day tickets. We’ve raised over £3,000 so far but have a long way to go to meet the core cost of the festival.

“Indications are that more people would pledge if prices were cheaper still. We’re offering a refund to the existing backers but most don’t want their refunds. They think it’s already a bargain and are just keen to see the festival happen.”

Twenty-four acts are booked to play at M-Fest, but the deadline to hit the show’s £4,000 fundraising target is looming. Bands set to play come from a variety of backgrounds, including glam rock, blues, folk and classic 60s.

Visit www.MFEST.biz to buy your tickets.