Metal thieves foiled

As we approach Remembrance Day, readers will be using local war memorials as the focal point for their commemorations. Unfortunately there has been an increase in thefts from war memorials and so a project to combat this – In Memoriam 2014 – is being launched.

The project, a partnership between War Memorials Trust and the SmartWater Foundation, will see the SmartWater crime prevention liquid being offered to all war memorial custodians free of charge to deter thieves. SmartWater is a forensic solution containing a unique chemical code and is only visible under ultraviolet light.

Once applied to a war memorial the liquid is virtually impossible to remove and can withstand burning or melting making it harder for criminals to dispose of stolen war memorials. War memorial custodians will complete an application form and be issued with the liquid and instructions for applying it to the war memorials.

I am sure readers will agree that with the growing interest in war memorials, due to current conflicts and the approaching centenary of the First World War, we need to work together to provide protection for our war memorials so that they and the sacrifices they represent are preserved for future generations. For more imformation visit


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