Music man Mark rocks Bulldogs with tribute song

Batley Bulldogs fans could soon be tapping their feet to a brand new beat.

Soothill musician Mark Dawson has this week released a charity single which pays homage to the rugby club.

Mark Dawson has written and performed a charity single about Batley Bulldogs.

Mark Dawson has written and performed a charity single about Batley Bulldogs.

Battling Bulldogs was made in collaboration with Batley charity Hoot Creative Arts, and celebrates the spirit of the club and its never-say-die attitude.

Mark said: “I had been attending song writing workshops here for a few years and, at first, I didn’t know what to come up with until I was talking to a Batley Bulldogs fan. That’s when I had the feeling.

“I was asked by a few people to take it to the Bulldogs and ask them if they would listen to it – and they took to it straight away.”

The money raised from the single will go in part to Hoot, which helps people with mental health problems express themselves creatively.

Batley Bulldogs have since adopted the tune as their club song, and chief executive Paul Harrison said: “It’s a fantastic song and a great opportunity for us to work with a charity creatively.

“Batley Bulldogs is a big part of the local community and we pride ourselves on that. Anything we can do to support charity and raise awareness surrounding good mental health, we’re all for it.”

The single is available for download on iTunes, Bandcamp and Amazon by searching for “Mark Dawson Battling Bulldogs”.

Mark added: “It sometimes feels like there are a lot of negative things going on in Batley, so I hope that this will help bring people together to have pride in their town.”